Artist Statement

 Rustic, earthy and organic, each piece of handcrafted beach inspired, boho jewelry is designed and made by me, with great attention to detail, here at my jewelry studio in Rio del Mar, California. I am an independent jewelry artist with a passion for designing handmade bohemian jewelry since 2003.

Unique, handmade boho jewelry for the free-spirited!

 I draw inspiration from the beautiful California coast, the tranquility and strength of the ocean waves, rich blues and blue-greens, soft sand tones, the feeling of timelessness. Many of my designs feature brass inlaid fair trade Tibetan beads, and the beautifully handcrafted amulets and talismans created by local artisans in the villages of Nepal. The beads themselves are tiny works of art that carry with them a rich history and give my jewelry a vibe of faraway places. Along with a rainbow of gemstones, I love featuring these handmade beads in my boho chic bracelets, pendants and earrings. Each piece of  jewelry is designed with intention, to evoke a feeling of empowerment or a wish to enhance spiritual connection. From bracelets that look great stacked or as individual statement pieces, all Rio Jewelry Studio's designs are cohesive and pair beautifully with each other. A fun and colorful addition to your jewelry collection! 

-Jann Bauer

  ©Rio Jewelry Studio 2017  


©Rio Jewelry Studio 2017


Flowers Dancing at Rio Jewelry Studio © Rio Jewelry Studio 2017

Flowers Dancing at Rio Jewelry Studio

© Rio Jewelry Studio 2017